Thursday, September 16, 2010

Going to Games, Inviting Friends and Counting Watchers

Our latest additions to Jawaker include a bunch of heavily requested features that help players find each other and play with their friends online. For all Basha users that can see their friends online, players can click the red arrow next to their friend's name and choose to either go to the game they are playing in (if they are in one) or invite them to the current game they are in (if they are part of an ongoing game). If they are part of a private game, Jawaker will also send the password of that game as a notification so that players can easily play private games with friends. One other small addition is that we added the number of players that are watching your game so that you can know how popular your playing style is with other interested players :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jawaker Releases the "Jawaker Store"

Jawaker is proud to announce its latest move into the world of virtual goods with the launch of the "Jawaker Store"! Players can now buy from a host of locally relevant virtual goods that include hookahs, falafel sandwiches and local clothing. Some goods are available on the table for the duration of the game only, and others are available across games over the period of a few days. Of course, all goods can be bought for any player or as gifts for other players using the virtual currency of tokens on Jawaker :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Paying by SMS in Egypt

Our players can now pay by SMS from any phone in Egypt! Jawaker has secured payment via all Egyptian networks (Etisalat, Mobinil and Vodafone). This is part of our continuing effort to expand the payment options available to our players. Stay tuned for many more payment options to come!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jawaker and the World Cup!

We know that our players love football... and we know that EVERYBODY loves the World Cup! Jawaker was very excited about creating something special for the World Cup and we are proud to release our idea today. Each day, Jawaker will post the games that will be played that day and give players a chance to become a fan of one of the teams. A player can become a fan of his favorite team by exchanging tokens and choosing how many "goals" he would like to score for his team every time he wins a game on Jawaker! The more goals the player wants to score, the more tokens they must exchange. When the player becomes a fan, then every game he wins will score goals for his team as long as he scores them before the time runs out. When the time runs out, the game is over and we will announce the winning team on Jawaker before the real game takes place! The top scorer of the winning team will also win a prize!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Player Profiles on Jawaker

We made a small but significant change on Jawaker. We added a feature that allows players to hover over their names (or the names of other players on the table) and see certain information. All players can now see the name, tokens, age, country, number of friends and membership date of everyone. The profile layer has thus been eliminated! Basha players will be able to see additional information regarding each player's game statistics, such as their wins, losses and the number of games that they left from. This information is shown for each player over the last 30 days as well as over their entire period of membership. Jawaker also made it easier for a player to see their own statistics and information by hovering over their name in the top right corner. We plan to enhance this profile with more information and statistics in the future, so stay tuned!